In the later stages of the disease, corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory hormonal medicines) are used verapamil to relieve symptoms.

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They stop soreness and paresthesia for up to seven days. In advanced situations, when diagnosing total compression of the femoral nerves, surgery is performed, during which the necessary innervation of the femoral tissues is provided. To prevent the use of such radical therapeutic methods, it is recommended not to waste time and, when the first unpleasant symptoms appear, to begin complex treatment. For this, manual therapy techniques are prescribed that allow the treatment of verapamil syndrome without the use of medications and a surgical scalpel.

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Ideally, the treatment of paresthetic meralgia should proceed as follows:

during the initial examination and history taking, the neurologist identifies a potential cause of Calan tunnel syndrome; the patient is given all the necessary recommendations for stabilizing body weight, eliminating ascites, removing tumors, reducing excessive stress on the inguinal ligament; a scheme of special dietary nutrition is being developed; recommendations are given on the organization of a sleeping and working place; a course of treatment is given.

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Of the manual therapy techniques, the most effective results show the following: osteopathy and massage allow you to restore the processes of microcirculation of the lymphatic fluid and blood, start the activation of the nutrition of the soft femoral tissues; reflexology helps to restore damaged tissues, enhances their innervation; kinesiotherapy and physiotherapy exercises improve the condition of ligaments and muscles.

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In addition to the above therapeutic measures, laser exposure and other types of physiotherapy can also be used. Each therapeutic course must be developed individually, taking into account the physiological characteristics and capabilities of each patient. Feedback on the treatment of Bernhardt-Roth disease is presented below. Treatment of paresthetic meralgia is carried out by neuropathologists. In the reviews, they note that it is rather difficult, and sometimes impossible, to treat this disease in advanced stages. In this case, the emphasis is on reducing pain and eliminating the main symptoms of the pathological process.

If, according to experts, the patient seeks medical help in the early stages of the onset of the disease, then the treatment can be quite successful. The main direction here is manual therapy and normalization of blood circulation processes in the thigh area.

Doctors also note that in most cases people come to the clinic only when the disease becomes irreversible, many simply ignore pain and other manifestations of paresthetic meralgia, which greatly complicates the treatment process. How to treat Roth-Bernhardt syndrome.

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Often, patients in the inpatient department visit a medical institution with a disease without knowing its etiology. According to medical statistics, over the past few years, people involved in vigorous physical activity or sports have been experiencing Roth-Bernhardt syndrome, classified as a lack of verapamil for the nerve as a result of repeated muscle contraction and stretching.

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So, what is Roth's syndrome, and why is the disease dangerous? Roth-Bernhardt syndrome acts as a neurological disease. In medical terminology, the disease has a different name - tunnel syndrome. By definition,the disease is repeated stretching or tension of the muscles, which in turn leads to a pinched nerve. As a rule, the disease occurs on the hips. Such a violation leads to the innervation of calan, as a result of which characteristic symptoms appear. The danger of the disease is that it is extremely difficult to cure the Roth-Berngardt syndrome, and you will also have to give up any physical activity.

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The disease is classified as an ischemic lesion of the nerve of the skin. A similar phenomenon can occur when squeezing the muscles, which leads to pinching of the nerve and restriction in the supply of nutrients. In addition, the following provoking reasons are distinguished:

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Paranormal location of the nerve canal as a result of damage to the hip bones. Narrowing canal in the groin area. Congenital abnormalities in the development of the hip region. Any damage or abnormality in the pelvic region often results in the development of Roth-Bernhardt syndrome.

Also, the disease can be provoked by infectious lesions of the genital organs, the abuse of alcohol-containing products and diabetes mellitus. Some women in the position or postpartum period may develop this syndrome as a result of deformation and stretching of the muscles in the hip region.

The main symptom is an imbalance of sensitivity in the pelvis and upper thigh. Sharp pain urges may be present or, on the contrary, sensitivity may be completely absent. The patient can continue his usual work activity without detecting a developing pathology.

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In a more advanced form of Roth-Bernhardt syndrome, the patient feels severe pain as a result of movement or assuming an upright position, as the nerve canal is stretched. In addition to internal symptoms, there are external manifestations in the form of thinning of calan pills, the absence of a characteristic hairline (in men), and a sharp pallor in the affected area. Find out how magnetic therapy is useful for joints.

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